Restaurant Review: Gather GVL

This week I had the privilege of experiencing Greenville’s newest hot-spot, Gather GVL. It’s located off Augusta St. right downtown. My husband can literally walk there from his office!

When I first heard about the concept I was super exited. Eric and I experienced a shipping container eatery like this in Chelsea, NYC and it was incredible. You came, you ate, you mingled with friends, and you had a stunning view of the water – all right there.

Gather GVL definitely hits the nail on the head in terms of Greenville experiences. They have a stunning roof-top area that gives you a beautiful view of down town. Their shipping container aesthetic is beautiful and definitely gives me all the New York City vibes. There’s a grassy patch right in the center for kids and pups, and a stunning fire pit for colder days.

I love their variety of food offerings. They have everything from tacos to pizza and pastas, burgers and acai bowls, and of course wine and beer. I was impressed with how many vegan options they had as well.

I tried the Impossible burger from KO Burger (NOTE* The bun is NOT vegan. You can get it with lettuce, when I got it they told me it was vegan but I later learned they were wrong) and vegan donuts from Hendough Chicken + Donuts. I was super impressed with both! The burger was done to perfection and I still can’t believe it’s vegan. How incredible is that? Being able to save a life and still get that satisfying burger taste. I’m super sad about the buns. I will not get the burger again unless there is a vegan bun. Why waste the money?

I was really excited about the donuts because it’s hard to find a fried vegan donut in Greenville. While I’m super appreciative of the cake-donut options offered at Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Farm Fresh Fast, but I’m a huge lover of that greasy goodness (ya know, the Vortex Donuts kind hehe).

The cinnamon one was fabulous, it was a tad bit greasy but not bad overall. The effort was there and I was one happy biscuit. The berry one with glaze was super duper greasy. I commend their efforts and I am excited for them to only improve from here on out. The fact that they offer a vegan donut, not one but TWO kinds, blew my mind and I am so excited to continue to support them.

I wasn’t a big fan of their roasted Brussels sprouts, just a bit too greasy for me. They would definitely make a great hangover food though. They are vegan if you get them without the aioli!

Thank you Hendough Chicken + Donuts!

My friend Victoria tried the sweet potato tacos from Mercado Cantina and said they were delicious! Not only did they add tons of flavor but the presentation was on point. I can’t wait to try them next time I’m there.

I also plan on trying the mushroom veggie cheesesteak from Mike’s Steaks + Roast Pork. While my husband wasn’t impressed with their initial cheesesteak sandwich, I’d love to give it a go and try their vegan/vegetarian option. I did enjoy their fries, they were super crispy!

Coco Bowlz Acai Shop is already a Greenville fan favorite thanks to their truck and Haywood Mall location. I can’t wait to see what options The Pasta Addict and Al Taglio Pizza has once they are official open.

Please let me know what you think of Gather GVL, I’d love to know!

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