7 Months with Freddy // Letter to my son.

Hey hippies,

This weeks post is a little more heartfelt. Postpartum hormones are still getting the best of me and I wanted to share some personal feelings with a little note to my Freddy.

To my son,

As you close your eyes, cuddle up in your favorite blanket and nurse so peacefully to sleep, I can’t help but think about the days you won’t need me anymore.

These past few weeks have been so emotional. I’ve become obsessed with cherishing each and every moment I have with you. I’ve grown to realize that one day this will all change.

While growing up is not a bad thing, in fact, it’s a huge success for your father and I, but the thought of you growing up never gets easier.

As we approach month 7 of you being here on Earth, here’s a few things I want you to know:

I may not be able to give you the whole world, but I can give you endless amounts of hugs and kisses.

I may not be able to fix every problem, but I can inspire you to keep a positive attitude.

I may not be the best at admitting when I’m wrong, but I will always be willing to listen.

I may not be the most patient, but for you, I will always make exceptions.

I may not be the most organized, but loving you and your father will always come first.

I may not always be there beside you, but I will always be there in your heart.



I hope to inspire other mamas who’s hearts are being torn to pieces as their sweet little babe grows up so quickly. Before we know it, they will be our age. And if they choose to have a child, they will share these same thoughts.

I truly don’t remember very much about Freddy as a newborn. It’s like I went into labor, I blinked, and now he’s about to be 7 months old. He has 2 bottom teeth and he’s about to get 2 top teeth. He enjoys avocados, toast, peanut butter, beans, apples, carrots, oats, and dates. He loves to crawl and pull himself up to stand using anything he can find. He makes the “dada,” “ba,” and “ma” sounds (he says “ma” only when he’s upset – coincidence?). He loves banging toys together to make sounds. He loves the patty cake nursery rhyme. He loves to smile at people and he loves dancing with mama and dada. He really enjoys being outdoors and gazing up at the trees.

Gosh, what a blessing it is to be this boy’s mama. What a joy it is to see him learn and discover the world around him. I have never known a greater joy. I have never been so in love. I have never been so scared. I have never felt so alive.

I can’t wait to what adventures are ahead. I would also love to stop time and sit in these moments forever.

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