Breastfeeding in Public

I’ve always dreamt of being one of those moms that can whip out the boob whenever my babe wants for food.

Then I brought Freddy home for the first time and I thought my dreams of breastfeeding were shattered.

With the help of nipple shields and picking up on my sons growth and willingness to adapt, we were able to work towards that dream. I regained hope but was willing to use the shields as long as it took.

3 months later we said goodbye to the shields and slowly began the transition to strictly nursing.

I wish I could describe the emotions I experienced during those first few months. They are hard to put into words. It was hurtful, disappointing, heartbreaking, and so exhausting.

But they were also rewarding, educational, triumphant, astonishing, incredible, and miraculous.

I cherish that hardship, as it made me the mama I am today.

I’d like to pat Freddy and I on the back for continuously keeping an open mind throughout our breastfeeding journey so far.

It was actually my husbands idea to try the shield, so really I owe a lot of my regained faith and hope towards achieving my goal all to him. Thanks hon, you freakin’ rock.

Anyways, around 4 months I also stopped pumping. RIGHT!? I have no idea how I was able to do that – and needless to say I was scarred shitless. But I did it. I also owe a huge thank you to the La Leche League of GVL and to my incredible mama friends for continuously supporting me through it all.

Truth be told, breastfeeding in public is scary. It’s terrifying. You don’t want your sweet babe to cry for too long while trying to wiggle your boob out of your nursing bra and hope that no one secretly catches a glance of your nipples. You hope your sweet babe will simply latch on the first try and BAM! #motheroftheyear.

Well that’s very rarely the case and definitely not realistic. As a mom you simply can’t help but hope for the best. Sometimes things don’t work out how you want them to, and sometimes things are harder, but are also better than you could have imagined.

Motherhood can be super confusing and make the most sense all at the same time.

Breastfeeding moms that feed in public deserve a medal because MAN that shit is tough. I remember seeing my best mom friend feed her baby in public for the first time and I swear a gold goddess ring was glowing on her head because she seriously rocked it. When I then mentioned it to her months later, she revealed how she had no idea what she was doing and just winged it. I can’t describe how incredibly inspiring she is.

When getting ready to feed in public, my favorite things to do are:

  1. Tell yourself you’ve got this.
  2. Act like you already know what you’re doing like you’ve been doing it for years.
  3. Make no apologies. Nip slip? So what? Baby crying? Too bad! It’s a BABY for crying out loud! (Literally!)
  4. This is literal food for your baby so if someone says something like “cover up” I prompt myself to do that awesome “throw a napkin or baby blanket over your head” move so they can go and shove it. PS. I’ve yet to have someone tell me that. #progress

It’s really all about what makes YOU feel comfortable as the mama. No one else matters. If you want to bring your Boppy Pillow – do it. If you want to cover up – do it. If you want to not wear a bra to make it easier – do it.

You do you mama, because you’re a rockstar. A fed baby is a happy baby. And a happy mama makes for a happy family.

No matter what – you deserve a freakin’ medal.

*Insert clapping hands emoji*



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