Top 10 Newborn Must-Have’s

Hey Hippie Mommas!

Before giving birth I read tons of articles featuring the best and worst baby items. I love reading different lists and seeing what other moms recommend so I thought I’d share mine too! Freddy is officially 3 months old this Mother’s Day and I’m super excited to share my favorite items with you.

The Boppy Pillow (+ an extra cover, only $10) – Great for breastfeeding! Some women prefer other pillow options but this works super well for me! It you get the one with a luxe cover it comes in a plastic carrying case. I use it all the time and bring it everywhere.

An electric pump – Oh my goodness. I can’t express how necessary it is to get an electric pump. After my second week home with Freddy a friend of mine told me how an electric pump would change my life. I forgot to order mine in time (I was able to order mine through insurance) so she let me barrow hers and OH MY was it a hame change! (You can typically order your pump from insurance 30 days before your due date!) I also use a Breakout Bra’s nursing bra to hold my pumps in place. Using an electric pump saves me a ton of time and keeps my hands from falling off! Be sure to ask your insurance first to see if you get one for free.

Footed pajamas – I don’t know about other babes but Freddy LOVES to be warm. He also HATES being swaddled. It’s suggested to keep blankets and stuffed animals out of the crib/bassinet for safety so to help him stay warm, we always use footed pajamas. We find a lot of Carter’s brand PJ’s at our local thrift shops!

The Nose Frida – Ok. I’m so tired of hearing people say how gross this is. You don’t go anywhere near the boogers and it helps so much! We got the pack with the saline spray and it works like a charm. It works WAY better than those things from the hospital. With the Nose Frida, you can suck as hard as you need to make sure all those boogies come out.

A Humidifier  – Even though I live in a humid state, my house gets super dry throughout the year. This humidifier helps with not only Freddy’s sinuses, but our too!

The Wonder Weeks App – This app is the easiest way to learn what might be going on with your little babe. It also tells you when your sweet babe might be going through a growth spurt! It’s so much fun to read all about each “leap” and what you can do to help and inspire healthy growth.

Green Sprouts Burp Cloths – I love how thick these cloths are! We keep several by our rocking chair and I always have one packed in the diaper bag. They are super absorbent and don’t get gross very easily.

Como Tomo Bottles – I can’t begin to tell you how awesome these are. Freddy nurses and bottle feeds and has zero trouble with nipple confusion. He definitely prefers to nurse over bottle feeding but while we’re out and about these bottles are a blessing! In the beginning we had a rough time breastfeeding and I’m still not very comfortable nursing in public yet, so until then these bottles rock! It’s also a great way for him to bond with dad.

A baby monitor – I have the Summer Infant Baby Monitor and to be honest I had no idea how useful this would be. I find it super helpful to start testing out whether or not baby is willing to sleep in their crib even if its for just a few minutes. I do this comfortably thanks to the monitor. I can keep it by my side so I never miss a sound. It also has great nighttime footage.

Non-slip Slipper Socks – GUYS. These are the best! Though I haven’t tried the brand I tagged ( I got mine from Kohls) I can honestly say that these stay on his feed. He loves standing up, so the slip grip are extra awesome so his little feet stay in place. I’m so obsessed and bought a pair in every size!

I’d love to hear about your favorite newborn items so please comment yours below!



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