Greenville’s Not-So-Secret Supper Club!

Howdy hippies,

So ya know I love a good plant-based event or really any excuse to go out and mingle with fellow foodies, plant-based or not!

I was so excited to hear about Greenville’s newest plant-based endeavor – the Topsoil Supper Club!

This crazy cool social gathering is hosted by two of Greenville’s finest – Adam, the super talented executive chef at Due South Coffee (located at Hampton Station), and Patrick who heads up Due South along side him. Together they’ve come up with a great way to infuse the enjoyment of good food with people who have one sure thing in common: a love for delicious food.

Thanks to Adam’s love of cooking and Patricks event planning, each gathering has its own special flare. Eric and I decided to splurge for our date night in November and join the supper club train.

Patrick sent us all an email with detailed instructions about how the evening was going to go. We all met around 4:30 PM at Due South and was treated with a complementary coffee… though I think some of the attendees totally forgot that they were able to snag a drink for “free” aka it was included in ticket price.

About a half hour later we boarded our means of transportation and traveled 45 minutes into the beautiful mountains of Hendersonville. The colors of autumn were vibrant and the thought of pairing it with a home-made meal brought a whimsical energy to the group.

We arrived at our location in the mountains and the atmosphere couldn’t have been any better. There was a beautiful fire pit right outside that was providing a subtly romantic ambiance. There were two talented musicians playing guitar and singing perfectly folksy songs. It was like we’ve walked into a secluded cabin get-away in the mountains. Talk about luxury!

Of course, being the crazy hungry pregnant lady I immediately noticed the table of wine I couldn’t indulge in, but was please to find a bowl on home-made pumpkin hummus with some veggies to dip right alongside it. I went in for the kill like a dozen times. Such a great appetizer! We could hardly wait for what was about to come.

After some time on the porch enjoying the crisp, autumn air, we went in to take our seats for the main course.

It’s no secret that Adam is a fan of using seasonal, fresh-from-the-farm produce and it truly makes all the difference when it comes to making veggies “taste good”. I say that because I’m pretty sure me and a few of my friends that also went on the excursion were the only ones actually vegan! It was so lovely to have met so many people wanting to fill their bodies with delicious, nutritious, plant-based foods.

We were able to learn about each item on our plates via Patrick. We were also excited to have been able to meet some of the farmers themselves! And of course, for all the non-prego peeps in attendance, endless wine flooded cups. I also noticed countless endless smiles being showcased around the room. The positive vibes were contagious.

Here’s a picture of the menu and a few photos of the main courses:

Pictured below: Just a couple of happy campers with full bellies and hearts!

We ended the night with a special beer tasting via Highland Brewing and everyone said it was delicious! We topped it off with some Peidmont Bleus Chocolate and of course, a cup of Due South Coffee. Peidmont Bleus Midnight mocha is so creamy and delightful. You can find it at local cafes around town!

Bravo Patrick & Adam! We are really excited to follow your journey with this and can’t wait to see what the future brings!

If you’re interested in joining the Topsoil Supper Club, here’s a few bits on info below:


50 seats are typically available – so act fast!

The price for our dinner was $100 – this included transportation, wine and dinner.

Happy eating hippies!


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