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Eric & I had the privilege of staying at the Swamp Rabbit Inn – the downtown Greenville location!

We started the weekend with a pocket full of errands to run and loads to accomplish before parting on our downtown getaway. Eric ran to the doctors for his poison ivy (don’t worry, he’s a lot better now) and I wanted to get the house to a tidier state.

Thank goodness I’m in the second trimester now because I finally had enough energy to clean and tidy the house. No one likes to come home to a messy home… HA.

A few hours and a full dishwasher later, we were finally on our way! Granted we live all of 10 minutes from downtown, but still, we wanted to make it more official by grabbing some of our favorite vacation treats, which for us meant oreos and french bread. That’s normal vacation food, right?

We went to Publix and the new Harris Teeter on Augusta. We absolutely LOVE their french baguettes. We also picked up some yummy spreads to eat later that evening, followed by a few new candies to try.

Checking into the B&B was ridiculously easy. Not only is it a digital check in – as in no attendants when you come in – but you receive a simple email telling you a code to use on each doors. Easy peasy.

Completely captivated by the vibrant decor, we felt immediately at home but also like we’ve traveled to a place we’ve never been before. There’s a giant kitchen for guests to cook and a fridge full of food at no extra cost! At the bottom of the fridge they had alcoholic beverages for $5 and it’s all based on an honest system. That means you record the alcohol you take on a little slip of paper (located in your room) and submit it when you check out in order to be charged for what you had. Not to mention the huge basket of snacks on the community table – they even had fritos (accidentally vegan!). We were in love.

As we proceeded to our room we noticed the decor had a person touch of celebrating community, the town of Greenville, and biking. There were two decks, one located on the bottom floor and one on the top floor. They were fully furnished with adorable outdoor pillows and a view of the neighborhood around the inn.

Eric & I decided to stay in and relax for a few hours before we headed out on the town. We enjoyed the cable TV and the beautiful bedroom details that made you feel like you popped right into an Ikea catalog. It perfectly represented that European inn you daydream about visiting one day. We felt comfortable and loved every second of it. Our room even came with a small table! We laid out our grocery store goodies and dug right in.

Later that night we decided to head downtown to one of our favorite spots: Pour Taproom

If you haven’t been to Pour Taproom, it’s a great place to taste a variety of different beers, ciders, and wines. You choose what you want on tap, pour it yourself, and get charged by the oz. Literally you could try like 20 beers and only pay $10 bucks, it’s just about how much you pour.

Oh boy do we love that place. I stayed away from the alcohol with the help of Thomas Creek’s homemade root beer – on tap like the rest of the beers! You can even order tacos (and more!) thanks to their partnership with Gringos. And yes, they even have cruelty-free options! We tend to go for little munchies like chips and salsa or guac.

After playing more than a few rounds of cards, we made our way to The Velo Fellow!

There was an amazing band playing (like always) and I went for a garden salad with fries. If you haven’t had their raw fries, you are truly missing out!

We spent about $30 bucks total downtown. I’d say that’s a pretty budget-friendly vacation! Not to mention the whimsical view of the outdoor string-lights covering the streets of downtown with a magical woodsy glow.

The next morning we woke up craving some local brunch food, but decided to make ourselves a snack before heading out on our next adventure. I brought some Kite Hill yogurt and granola and Eric had a bagel from their community fridge. He paired it with some apple butter and made a lovely little bagel sandwich.

To close out our weekend staycation, we decided to check out the diggs for The Village Grind. All I can say is WOW. Lindsay, owner and operator of this West Village gem, turned this vacant spot into boho bliss. Greenery and color takeover the cafe as customers order artisanal lattes and other goodies. Eric & I got Rose Cardamon lattes and they were everything we hoped they’d be.

It was the perfect ending to our weekend staycation! A good balance of relaxing and revisiting some of our favorite Greenville spots. Couldn’t get any better than that.

Want to see more? Check out our Greenville Staycation vlog!

What are some of your favorite local spots? Comment below!

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