my favorite go-to coffee spots in GVL

Hey hippies!

So who here LOVES coffee? Because I do!

I love coffee for several reasons:

  • the sense of euphoria from the smell of freshly roasted beans
  • the ritual of sitting down for a cup of coffee. It’s almost like it forces you to start your day slow.
  • the deliciousness of homemade syrup flavors
  • how it’s the perfect “catching up with friends” activity

But for real, who’s with me on this!? 🙌

Here in Greenville there are several amazing, locally owned coffee shops and I am so happy to say that most of them (if not all of them) offer dairy-free & cruelty-free options!

I went ahead and compiled a few of my favorites so you can share in my crazy coffee bliss:

  1. The Village Grind: When Eric & I first moved to GVL, we did a quick Google search to find some locally owned coffee options in town. The Village Grind caught our eye and we’ve loved it ever since. Coming from NYC, coffee shops are essential to our place of living. Pretty sure we looked for houses based on how close it was to locally owned food joints! The Village Grind offers plant-based milks for their deliciously creative lattes. They always feature hand-made syrups and most of them are vegan friendly (remember to always ask your barista first). I love anything to do with lavender syrup, so when coffee shops offer it (dairy0free) that’s a huge plus in my book! They even have specialty drinks like matcha, chai, and more. It’s also conveniently located near and next to some incredible food spots like Golden Brown & Delicious (typically offers at least one cruelty-free, vegan friendly meal) & Neo Burrito (definitely vegan friendly!) Overall cost for a coffee: $$ – but let’s face it, there’s typically an extra charge for plant-based milks everywhere you go, so if you want quality coffee you have to be willing to pay extra! It’s totally worth it.
  2. Grateful Brew: Oh, how I could talk about this place for hours! Not only does it offer dairy-free syrups & delicious coffee drinks, but it’s a coffee shop by day and a beer-tastic hangout by night! They never fail to have a food truck waiting outside in the evening for all your foodie needs. If not, then faithful (vegan friendly) Pita House is just a short walk away. I really enjoy the atmosphere of this coffee shop. It has big windows that flood the space with natural light. It’s the perfect place to grab a coffee or beer with friends, get work done, or play a couple games! I really love getting their iced lavender lattes. They use Counter Culture® Coffee and it’s super delicious. Overall cost for a coffee: $$
  3. The Chocolate Moose: Get ready for this because you’re gunna want to drop everything and make your way to this delicious bakery located in the heart of downtown GVL! Picture this – a beautifully designed bookstore with a cute lil’ bakery right in front. Thanks to the power team of M. Judson Books & The Chocolate Moose, Greenville has it’s own little escape from reality. This place is perfect for the guy or gal that loves to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon, complete with a good book, a hot coffee, and a yummy cupcake. They always have a plant-based milk on hand and one vegan and gluten free option available! And don’t worry, they taste great! You wouldn’t even know the difference! We love their cupcakes so much, we had them make us a giant vegan carrot cake with salted caramel frosting cupcake for our wedding. Overall cost for a coffee: $
  4. Due South Coffee: Yet another locally owned, delectable coffee spot located at Hampton Station. They always have plant-based milks available and make a mean espresso! It’s located near two Greenville favorites, White Duck Taco (vegan options) and Birds Fly South Brewery! They are currently located in White Duck Taco but are moving to their own little place right by it. The baristas are always so kind and willing to do whatever it takes to make their customers happy. They also feature Energi Treats cookies (vegan & gluten free)! We can’t wait to see what their new shop is going to look like.
  5. Swamp Rabbit Cafe: Swamp Rabbit holds a special place in my heart. They offer a large variety of vegan goodies such as Myokos Cheese & Louisville Vegan Jerky! They usually offer at least one vegan menu option at their cafe like the Quinoa Kale Veggie Salad or the Vegan Pogacha. I really love the authentic atmosphere that Swamp Rabbit brings to the community. They dedicate themselves towards using local farmers for their veggies and they always had a large variety to choose from. They are like their own little farmstead, where all are welcomed to come and join them in their every day celebration of food, family, and friends. At the cafe, they always have plant-based milk available. I get it in my smoothies and coffee and it tastes delightful. They are typically very busy, so I always recommend double checking with whomever hands you your order to make sure you definitely received plant-based milk. Overall cost of a coffee: $$

Here’s a few more plant-based friendly coffee spots:

Coffee Underground: Thank goodness for this spot! It feels like they are always open and there right when you need them. They always have plant-based milk options! Overall cost for a coffee: $

Methodical Coffee: Great atmosphere in the heart of downtown GVL. They can make you a vegan mocha! Overall cost of coffee: $$$

Spill The Beans: Great staff, always have plant-based milk available. Overall cost for a coffee: $

Crepe du Jour: I haven’t found any food to eat here, but they do have plant-based milk available for coffee! Overall cost for a coffee: $$

101 Espresso Bar: I’ve been there once and they had plant-based milk options! Super unique building that offers a fun experience. Overall cost for a coffee: $$

Comment below if you have a favorite drink from a locally owned coffee shop in Greenville. If there’s any other great spots that I may have missed, let me know! I’m not sure about places like West End Coffee Shoppe, when I tried to order from them at a farmers market they didn’t have plant-based milk options. Maybe if I visit in-store they will! Please let me know!

Until next time,

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