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Hi there Hippies,

I’ve been on the hunt for some cruelty-free nail polish (on a budget!). I was browsing through my local Walgreens after dinner on my birthday and I was super excited to find Wet n Wild. I’ve heard about the brand before while searching online for the best cruelty-free vegan makeup brands, but not all their make up is vegan. Their nail polish, however, is!

They have the (v) for vegan and a little cruelty-free bunny symbol and at around $2 a piece I was like HECK YES LETS TRY SOME.

So I bought 3.

Now just a little background – before going vegan I was an avid nail painter. Growing up, my mom was a licensed manicurist so my sister and I had access to nail polish 24/7. After years of practice I became skilled at using both hands to paint my nails and I have to say, I do a pretty good job at not getting my fingers all messy. 😆

Fast forward a year before going vegan – I was on the look out for an Essie gel nail polish. Essie was my favorite nail polish brand before I switched to a cruelty-free lifestyle. I bought a few to try and I wasn’t that impressed.

To be honest, the Essie gel nail polish didn’t stay very well. I’d be lucky to get a week of un-chipped nails if I was extra careful to be gentle with my hands.

Now for the review of Wet & Wild:

*Before I start, I want to make sure to mention that this post isn’t sponsored.*

My first impression was that I really liked the paint brush. One of the reasons I loved Essie polishes was because the brush had the ability to painted a whole nail on one stroke. Well, much to my surprise, the Wet n Wild polish has the same ability!

Some brushes can be really thick, heavy and goopy if you’re not careful with the paint. I found Wet n Wild’s brushes easy to control so you can create minimal mess around your fingers.

I also really love their color options.

The one thing I would recommend and that I’m having a hard time finding is a good, cruelty-free base and top coat. The best I’ve found so far are from Wholefoods and I’ve pretty much used them all up. They aren’t very cost-effective but I’ll pay a little more for quality if I have to! I bought them a while ago so I can’t confirm if it’s both cruelty-free and vegan.

The picture above is with NO top or base coat. It’s important to wear a base coat so you can protect your nails from the paint color, even if it is vegan. I also love finishing a manicure with a top coat to provide that extra protective layer of glossy goodness.

The last thing I really love about the Wet n Wild nail polish collection is that they dry pretty quickly! I was able to put a coat of paint on my nails 20 minutes before heading on a long drive. I really only let them sit for a good 10 minutes. I do have special nail dryer machine things to help quicken the process but I didn’t have time to use them. One coat is all you need for a quick and speedy manicure.

Overall, I highly recommend these nail polishes! They are super affordable and easy to us. I used to think that you get what you pay for when it came to polish, but these work just as well as Essie. The best part is that Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel Nail Color polishes are all in one. With Essie, you have to use two polishes to get the gel effect. None of them stay as well as a nail salon gel manicure but those aren’t very good for your nails and I haven’t been able to find a cruelty-free place for even a basic manicure. I’ve brought my own polish to a nail salon before so that always works!

Here are the colors I have:

Taupe As A Joke

Left Marooned

Under My Plum – in the picture below!

If you have any recommendations for a local nail salon offering cruelty-free, vegan nail polish, please let me know!

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