3 easy plant-based lunches

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This is a little guide showing you have to make 3 super-easy cruelty-free lunches. These recipes are super affordable and simple to throw together in the mornings. I’ve modeled off of what Eric and I eat pretty much every day! I’ve decided to stick to bowls because we found them to be the easiest to throw together.

I like to follow this formula when I don’t have much to time make an elaborate meal:

base food + accent food + veggie = easy lunch, perfect for heating up and tastes amazing. 

I also love to include some homemade chilli sauce or cashew cream! I make a large tub of whatever dressing/cream I’m craving for the week.

For example, Eric & I always pick a base like quinoa, rice, or potatos. After we pick a base, we add something like beans, seitan, or tofu. We than either steam or sauté veggies such as spinach, broccoli, or a delicious mix!

Here are a few examples of simple bowls that will fill you up and leave you super satisfied.

First up, the rice bowl:

We start by making a huge tub of rice on Sunday and use it as a base for every lunch that week. Adding little pops of flavor will help the meal be more satisfying. Keep in mind, every person is different so some people may only need a cup of rice and beans, and some may need much more. You should eat until you feel full, you can always save the rest for later!  I really enjoy adding hummus or any leftover veggies I can find to this bowl. We also enjoy baking or sautéing some tempeh and throwing it into the mix. Sometimes, I even add olives or capers!

Next up, the potato bowl:

Eric and I LOVE potatoes. It is a gem of a food that is both good for you and tastes like heaven with a minimal amount of prep. We tend to steam our potatoes in the morning by poking holes in them with a fork, putting them in a glass bowl (or microwave safe bowl), covering with saran wrap, and heating up for 6 minutes at least. We love adding kale, spinach, and arugula to the bow, depending on what we have in the fridge.

I highly recommend adding beans to every bowl. They are a great source of protein and have a ton of other nutrients! Heating up beans is super easy – drain the beans of almost all it’s liquid,  pour them into a pot and heat! Add spices like salt, pepper, and paprika. You don’t have to heat them for long, just until they are hot. They reheat super easily and go great with potatoes. Most of the time Eric and I put together Mexican style bowls with salsa, cashew cream, and cilantro. Maybe add some squeezed lime

Last but not least, the quinoa bowl:

Quinoa is a great source of protein, so Eric and I will make a huge tub of it for the week ahead. We enjoy adding stir-fry veggies and avocado, topped with a delicious hot sauce. Broccoli is another easy veggies that steams really well. We always keep a bag of frozen broccoli in the fridge, since it’s packed with nutrients and when paired with some liquid aminos, tastes like hibachi. Seitan also makes a great protein addition! Satuee a few pieces with those liquid aminos and BAM. So much plant-based goodness.

These are just a few of our favorite easy-to-make bowls that we eat all the time. It’s really doesn’t take much effort to make a yummy lunch bowl by throwing your favorite ingredients together. The ingredients in the bowls above are fairly low cost and easy to grab at any grocery store. Avocados are usually a luxury addition to our bowls, since they aren’t cheap to get here in the south. For us, it’s really about the sauce. We believe that with the right sauce, you can transform a bowl from just an ordinary bowl of healthy foods to an extraordinary one. Plus, it helps bring those umami, satisfaction flavors out. A few great places to shop for produce in the Upstate are: Lidl, Costco, and Swamp Rabbit Cafe.

What is your favorite easy-to-make lunch?

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