you can do this.

My friends,

This is a reminder that YOU can do anything.

The power of the mind is extraordinary.

You can go years thinking you look a certain way….convinced of the worst.

You can talk yourself into skipping out on an adventure or missing an opportunity, all because you think the “risks” may be too much.

You instantly consider what society has to say.

You really don’t know what you truly want.

But those thoughts are easy to think.

It’s easy to fall into the negative.

And what if I told you that more often than not, you end up feeling even more exhausted from them?

I get that way and I am so tired of feeling that way.

Feeling so exhausted because my mind is racing and debating and not truly living.

And there is always another way. A better way. There’s an energy inside ourselves that unlocks a power that keeps you from the dark. 

It lights a path so bright that even in the darkest of times, your eyes can still see clearly.

This is a reminder that you can.

You can do it. You can get through it. You are strong enough.

The mind has the power to turn worlds upside down, move mountains and even create them.

The soul has the power to create the mountain you need most.

The body responds to the mind, but reacts to the soul.

The body responds to the mind with those negative thoughts that easily come to surface every time something doesn’t go the way you expected.

Or the body can respond to the mind with those positive thoughts every time you choose to believe in the strength you have.

The body reacts to the soul by giving you those terrible neck aches you get when you’re thinking negative thoughts and letting stress take over.

Or the body can react to the soul by bringing you tears of joy when you recognize your strength and feel as though even the smallest flower gives you life.

Together, the mind and soul create a powerful force that dictates your every move and your every thought.

Image if we practiced assuming positive outcomes?

Automatically gave people the benefit of the doubt?

Kept an open mind during conversations?

Gave yourself no choice but to have a good day?

Well it’s true. We have the choice and we have the power inside us. It’s always been there.

And I believe in you. YOU can do this.

What will you choose today?

Until next time,

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