meet our rescue pups!

Hey there Hippies!

I wanted to introduce you to two very special pups.

Eric & I have always wanted a dog. We imagined ourselves with a house, but only to have a backyard big enough for a furry friend to run around in.

When we first moved to South Carolina, we found an amazing organization called Lucky Pup Rescue. Little did we how much this rescue would change our lives forever.

We were counting down the days to closing on our house when I came across a post featuring two little pups. I instantly felt captivated and quickly showed Eric, asking him to pick on. I’ll never forget him saying “the one that looks like a chocolate lab!”.

We were lucky enough to work with a foster family that held onto her until we officially moved into the house! A few weeks passed and we finally closed on the house.
The day we got the keys is the day we brought home our new little pup, Poppy. It was truly one of the best days of our lives.
Here’s a few things about Poppy:
  • She LOVES carbs. Daddy’s homemade bread is her weakness.
  • She can jump super duper high!
  • She is a snuggler. Couch or bed, she will snuggle up right by your side.
  • She enjoys teasing her baby brother. Mostly by pretending to run slow then using her cheetah skills to seal the deal.
  • She’s got the cutest sweet spot behind her ear! She will never turn down a good ear/neck massage.

Months later, right as Poppy’s about to turn 2 (my how time flies!) we met a sweet little boy named Pepé. We first met Pepé at the Aloft Hotel downtown. They host a dog from Lucky Pup Rescue to help get pups adopted faster! We weren’t ready to add a second pup to the family even though his captivated us from the moment we laid eyes on him.

Weeks later, we found ourselves at a Lucky Pup Rescue fundraiser at Quest Brewery. Almost an hour in, Eric notices a sweet little dog and asked for the name. As soon as the foster said “Pepé” we knew it was meant to be.
We couldn’t believe our eyes as we scooped him into our arms and signed the papers. Who would have thought this little nugget would find his way back to us? We truly are the luckiest.
Fast forward a few more weeks and Poppy & Pepé are two peas in a pod. Somehow, we knew he would be the perfect sibling for Poppy. Poppy is loving having a brother and teacher him all the joys of puppyhood (the good and the bad hehe).
Here’s a few things about Pepé:
  • He is the most excited little thing the moment you step through the door after a long day at work. He’s gets excited, he SQUEAKS.
  • He is also a snuggle bunny.
  • He loves his veggies! He will seriously eat any veg you try to give him.
  • He has the cutest overbite in the entire world.
  • He’s a little clutzy (in the cutest way!) but never fails to hold his own in a toy show-down with big sis.

We’re excited to bring your on our journey of puppyhood with us! Rescuing is one of the best things we’ve ever done and we hope to inspire others to do the same.

I know I speak for both Eric & I when I say we can’t thank Lucky Pup Rescue enough. These two babies have brought so much joy into our lives. Their unconditional love is a constant reminder of why I eat cruelty-free.

For more info on pups for adoption, click here!

The process is super simple. You fill out the application and list the pup you’re interested in. They will schedule an in-home visit with you to make sure you have an acceptable space for your pup (I love that they do this!!) If you pass the inspection, you pay a $250 adoption fee which includes first sets of shots, neuter or spade, and a micro chip for tracking if they ever get lost. It’s an amazing organization that I am happy to continuously support!

I’d love to see a picture of your furry baby, be sure to comment below!

Until next time,

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