Greenville’s first cruelty-free food truck!


I have been super excited to share this post with you. Greenville has it’s vegan, dairy-free food truck and it’s brought nothing but joy and deliciousness to the community!

Allow me to introduce to you… We Got The Beets!

We were lucky enough to try an array of dishes, hand-made by the incredible Sandra & her hubby.

We pulled up to a Wine Xpress and I will never forget Eric & I looking at each other like, uh… is there a way to eat inside a wine store?

Little did we know, Wine Xpress is more than just a wine store, but a full on wine bar!

Meet Frank, one of the awesome peeps behind the Vegan Greenville Society!

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on these delicious foods! I went for the Philly Grilled Cheese while Eric got the Nacho Chz Burger. The prices were completely affordable and I had a feeling it’d be worth every cent.


Eric anxiously awaiting his meal…

Sandra and her hubby were the sweetest people!

Though I wasn’t surprised, especially since the food truck was covered with uplifting quotes and adorable veggie puns! I mean, how awesome is that!?

I couldn’t tell you which quote is my favorite. I love them all.
Okay, now for the best part… THE FOOD.
Below, we have the Nacho Chz Burger and the Philly Grilled Cheese.
I took a bite, expecting my stomach to turn just a little from the amount of vegan cheese and oils I’m about to digest. But let me tell you, not only is this handmade cashew cheese, but it’s the best vegan cheese I’ve ever had.
I also expected to experience some kind of after-effect later in the week (from the oils) but I’m excited to share that no such thing happened. This cheese is revolutionary and tastes like heaven.
Bravo Sandra!
Yes, there was mushrooms and onions in this & it was seriously everything I ever wanted!

The sides we got included potato salad, spicy kale, and cucumbers. All were brilliant and delicious, but our favorite had to be the potato salad.

We obviously went back for more.

Being avid food truck supporters (past foodie credits include NYC & Cali), Eric and I were super nervous and excited to hear a vegan food truck was making it’s way to Greenville. After experiencing We Got The Beets, I’m beyond happy to say that it met our expectations and more.

It’s a great “foodie” experience for people of all lifestyles to enjoy. I will definitely be bring my non-veg friends here! I know they’d really enjoy it. Great atmosphere + yummy food = happy hippies.

I can’t wait to see how this food truck inspires restaurants and other foodies around Greenville to offer more vegan options and to not be afraid to live cruelty-free. Not only is it saving your health, but it’s saving the lives of so many living beings.

If you’d like to experience We Got The Beets food truck for yourself, you can find their menus and times/locations here: We Got The Beets Food Truck
Please comment below if you’ve had the privilege of trying this awesome food truck! What is your favorite item on the menu?
Hope to see you there sometime!

Until next time,

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