local: kuckoo for Kuka Juice!

Hey Hippies,

This year, Eric & I are trying to spend money on quality, not quantity. We’re making an effort to save more, save, and ONLY spend on things that bring us joy. Part of that includes restaurants with high-quality, cruelty and dairy free ingredients.

When we think about our options here in Greenville, there are two places that stick out: Happy & Hale and Kuka Juice.

Located next to the beautiful Anchorage mural in the Village of West Greenville lives an adorable little shop called Kuka Juice.

I had the hardest time choosing what to eat after looking at the menu! Everything sounded so good.

I started with a delicious (and obviously homemade) broccoli-cheddar soup that was better than any broccoli-cheddar you’re used to getting from places like Panera (believe me, before I went vegan I ate way too much of that stuff).

For my main lunch I had an all kale caesar salad ($8). I’ve enjoyed many dairy-free caesar salads since going vegan, but this one is by far my favorite. From the dressing to the croutons, they’ve created a dairy (and cruelty) free master piece.

I’ve also tried their E.L.T. sandwich (Great Harvest bread, eggplant ‘bacon’, arugula, tomato, avocado, cashew aioli) and it was pure joy for my taste buds. One of the best parts about going to Kuka Juice is being able to order a half soup half sandwich meal like at Panera. Since I had so much trouble choosing (due to the overwhelming amount of delicious-sounding options) I went with a half E.L.T. and a half tomato soup.

Of course, I couldn’t leave without indulging in one of their delicious juices. Eric and I are obsessed with Kale Yea!

If you find yourself in the Village of West Greenville or you’re looking for some incredible food that won’t leave you feeling gross, check out Kuka Juice. It’s not the most budget-friendly place if you’re like me and feel the need to order all the things, but trust me, it’s well worth the money.

What are some of your favorite fresh-pressed juices? 

Until next time,


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