forget the rules

Hey hippies, I’m about to get real again.

Growing up, I always thought there was an answer for everything.

That obviously isn’t true. Life isn’t black and white. Money doesn’t grow on trees. There’s always someone who has it worse. You could always eat better. You could always do better. There isn’t always one answer to our questions.

I find myself asking – putting out into the universe – some really intense questions as of late. (If you’re curious about the questions, feel free to connect with me. I would love to talk.)

I find myself going through some rough waves of emotions that intensify my overall experience of everyday life. I keep waiting, reading, researching… thinking that I will stumble upon an answer.

I find myself searching through social media with positive intentions to find answers, but then the negative comes and I fill with envy.

The one answer I did find?

That there are none. There is only our instincts and knowledge we choose to obtain. There are no rules. There is no manual or guidelines to how life SHOULD be lived.

It you grew up thinking there are certain ways to do things, that’s ok. We all experience that.

I think a true awakening, a true peace of mind, comes from a place where rules and answers are but helpful little bits that you lightly consider. They don’t have to run your world, they don’t have to make you feel ashamed, or judged, or wrong for what YOU want.

I stumbled across a quote on Tumblr the other day while looking for ways to express my emotions. I found this:

“It can be easy to romanticize a passion or a social cause or a marriage or raising kids with tons of posed pictures and flowery words – but all such things are gritty, raw, rough, and painstakingly sculpted from our fully invested hearts. There is a lot of standing around and sweating through our shirts and seasons of self-doubt and all the frustrated parts that no one else can see. We fall in love with highlights but these were formed in the valley. Please don’t be seduced by soundbites and filtered photos and bowtie daydreams. Real joy actually hurts, but that’s why it’s real. It was carved from the best of us.”
This quote really helps put into words what I’ve been struggling with. I constantly compare. I’m constantly worried about being judged, I’m always looking for answers. But the reality is, this crazy journey we’re all on IS the answer. It’s the goal. It is beautiful, even if it doesn’t seem like it. As long as we invest OUR OWN hearts into whatever we’re doing, we have already found the answers we seek. 
Do yourself a favor? If you’re going through a rough time, intense waves of emotions, or even just dealing with casual everyday stressors – it’s important to know that you’re doing a good job handling it. It’s like the trainer in my cyclebar video says, “You showed up. That’s enough reason to be proud.” 
Not everyone will like you and not everyone will agree with you. It’s what keeps this life super interesting, right?
 Keep your heart open, your soul nourished, and never stop asking questions – just be more confident in the answers provided by the Universe and your gut instinct. More often then not, the answers you seek are right in front of you. 
Until next time,

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