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I am super excited to give you more of an in-depth look at our Colorado trip. We definitely had a budget, but splurged when we thought necessary. Hopefully this can help you if you catch yourself in the Denver area!

To start, this is the first time Eric & I have been to Denver, Colorado.

We stayed in a functional Airbnb that gave us a clean place to sleep and a hot shower. We were a little far from downtown, but it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience. It was a great budget place (around $150 for 2 nights).

Everyone in Denver was so incredibly friendly! We got the low down from a few locals on things to do, places to drink and food to try.

Needless to say, a majority of our vacations end up being full fledged, self-guided foodie tour! So here’s a sweet roundup of our 48 hour- foodie adventure in the mile high city.

Our first stop was Beet Box Bakery.

Holy cashews. This place is everything I want Greenville to have in a cruelty-free and dairy free bakery! They aren’t too obvious about being vegan. When you walk in everything is labeled as if it was a “norm” to eat cruelty and dairy-free.

I. fell. in. love.

We tried the tomato-pesto quiche, the breakfast sandwich (pictures above), a maple donut and a chocolate coconut donut. We also tried Upstart Komucha! I got the Rose one while Eric tried a citrus-y one. Both were delicious and definitely some of the best kombucha’s we’ve ever had.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that every thing was beyond yummy and satisfying. It was an exciting experience to have eaten things that I don’t normal get. Beet Box Bakery makes being vegan so easy.

Of course we had to hit up Voodoo Donuts. They have an incredible vegan dozen option.

Yes we got it.

Yes we ate them. All.


That evening, we stopped by City, O’ City, a late night foodie favorite! We opted for the full bar-snack experience with tempeh wings, fried ravioli, and a pretzel with cheese sauce! We didn’t care for the tempeh wings, just because it was too much fried-ness for us.

The next day we stopped by a brewery and got some cauliflower wings (from a food truck!) and they were absolutely incredible. I’m glad I know now that I’m a cauliflower wings kinda gal.

I’d love to see a dish with half cauliflower wings and half tempeh wings – I bet it would be delicious and satisfy all parties. I mean, check out those cauliflower wings (pictured below) – it’s a bad picture but they were so. so. delicious. Thank you ShaWING food truck and Ratio Beerworks!

The next morning we snagged a table at Watercourse Foods and ordered probably two of the most delicious vegan meals we’ve ever had. I got the Chicken & Waffles and while Eric went for the Croque Madame.

I also had the creamiest lavender latte while Eric tried the kambucha on tap.

Not even kidding, these dishes were complete works of culinary art.

Obviously the Chicken & Waffles tasted of cauliflower, but the breading was simply out of this world. They definitely resembled a gourmet version of breaded chicken. The waffles were chive and cheddar and went flawlessly with the “chicken”. Eric’s sandwich was even more delicious and definitely something I plan on ordering when we return one day. The photos don’t do it justice.

City, O’ City is more of a night on the town kinda place – perfect for those late night cravings. Watercourse foods is a bit more upscale and the perfect budget-binging treat.

There’s a lot of great breweries in town!

We were fortunate to try Alpine Dog Brewery, Our Mutual Friend, Epic Brewing Co, and an awesome cidery called STEM. They all had a vegan snack option such as popcorn, but I still made sure to check ingredients before hand. You can find a lot of these snacks on my instagram @thehippiebiscuit.

STEM had this awesome frozen cider machine that takes your tasting to a whole new level. They also had games, so Eric and I grabbed the Joking Hazard box and played for a few hours. Those moments I will cherish forever.

That night we came across an awesome little market called The Denver Central Market. Located in the River Arts District or RiNo, it’s the perfect night cap after a day of beer and cider tastings. We tried a delicious vegan coconut crème brûlée ice cream by High Point Creamery. It was indeed creamy, vibrant in flavor, and beyond drool-worthy.

The hard part about Denver is how far everything is unless you live or you’re staying in the downtown or the River Arts District. I would consider it a “car city”. Being from the tri-state area, I’m used to accessing easy sources of public transit, so it was a little hard trying to find cheap ways to get around. Thanks to Uber and Lyft, we only spent about $7 a ride. I think we took a total of 4 Ubers, including to and from the airport (Ubering from the airport to Denver costs way more than $7).

Aside from that, Denver is an incredibly magical city with energetic people and delicious food. We took home a pretty rad print made by a local artist we found at a cute little shop near Beet Box Bakery when we first arrived.

Until next time Denver! We can’t wait to meet again soon.

 If you’ve ever been to Denver or planning to go, drop a line about your experiences and plans! What’s your favorite way to discover delicious food in a new city?

Thanks for all the support, hippies. To everyone following my adventures on Instagram, you rock my world.

Until next time,


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