toxic energy & my awakening

Hey hippies.

A huge part of a cruelty-free lifestyle is compassion. Embracing compassion, showing it to others and most importantly, showing it to yourself.

These are the lifestyle posts I enjoy writing. I am not a fashionista, I am not a creative hipster. I am just me.

Here is my desire to connect with others that go through the same waves of emotions when it comes to fear. I know everyone goes through this to a degree, but I’m noticing that the older I get – the more aware I become. My goal is to create a simple, subtle way to reflect and manage these emotions.

So… here it goes.


It’s crazy to think how much the fear of being “perfect” holds us back.

The fear of not being skinny enough. The fear of not being curvy enough.

The fear of being too loud, too different.

The fear of being to confident or not confident enough.

The fear of failing, and the fear of exhaustion.

So much fear that feeds a constant state of negative energy. I suffer from this nearly all the time.

I believe it comes from a new sense of consciousness that breaks through after childhood.

That’s how I make sense of it…but who really knows? That part doesn’t matter.

Fear is a toxic energy that finds it’s way into the soul and wraps it’s hands around your heart. It breathes a deadly fire that taunts and burns the body and mind.

I’ve started practicing a new rule for myself to help combat some of this toxic energy.

A little fact about me: I’m a talker; I like to chat and gossip and everyone and everything.

I’ve noticed that this is an open gateway for toxic energy. I’ve been unconsciously giving into this energy day after day. When I started catching myself beginning to gossip – I felt my mind maintain it’s composure and felt a light still nestled in my soul. The negative energy was kept out.

This is just one physical way I’ve started to combat negative energy. I still have so much work to do with my mind and body to help nurture my soul back to a place of light. The idea of living day to day with pure bouts of positive energy pouring out my soul is a dream, however, I don’t believe anything is really capable of being pure.

The world get’s its beauty from messy, random, spontaneous bumps and splatters. Embracing those beautiful imperfections helps keep me inspired.

Anyways, embracing the beauty of now and keeping the negative habits at bay may be a good start.

Does anyone else go through this? If so, how do you manage/deal with it?

Thank you for connecting.

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “toxic energy & my awakening

  1. I LOVE this!! You are not alone. I like to think I’m spiritually advanced (ego) when in reality; perfectly imperfect. One day at a time. I made a promise to myself, my partner, and my babies, that this year would be different. I asked Divine to help me release the pattern of fear, negativity, doom and gloom. Once I acknowledged that pattern, the power of it has started to recede. Those clouds that have been trailing me for the last year, are becoming my stepping stones. I love you, friend. You’re beautiful, you got this!

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