#tbt a very vegan friends-giving

Hi there Hippies,

I wanted to take you on a flashback to one of the most delicious Thanksgivings I’ve had yet. My husband went out of his way to make a smorgasbord of delicious vegan delights for everyone to enjoy. We had plenty of carnivore friends at the house, and nobody seemed to miss the traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece, the turkey.

Of course, Poppy had her fair share of begging and a few teeny tiny bits of pie crust. My personal favorite dish was the sweet potato casserole! It was perfectly savory with a sweet, crunchy pecan top.

I also greatly enjoyed the mashed potatoes (made vegan) provided by one of my good friends!

The gravy, the stuffing or as they say in the South – dressin’ was a delight. Even the homemade salad (thanks Miranda!), and the veggie pot-pies filled all tummies to the point of overstuffed. I believe that calls for a successful friendsgiving.

Below is a picture of my super easy cheese ball! I can’t wait to share the recipe for it. It was by far the most popular holiday dish.

I hope you enjoyed that little flash back! It was super easy to make a delicious cruelty-free meal.

Until next time,

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