I’m messy, so what?

Hey hippies,

Welcome to a rant about how beautiful imperfections can be.

Is there anyone else out there who’s a bit on the messy side?

When starting my journey into veganism, I learned all about all the ways a person can live a more compassionate life. If you’ve read my “about me” page, you’d know that when I first started my journey, I did it for health. It took a ton of research, exploration, documentaries, and questions to grow a strong desire to live a vegan life for ethical reasons.

Keep in mind, I’m still so new at this. I’m not perfect, I’m just trying to do my best.

I’ve learned that a HUGE and probably the biggest part of veganism is striving to be be more compassionate. Learning to have patience and express more gratitude for the simple things in life. One of the ways I want to show more compassion towards my husband is by letting go my image of perfection.

I grew up in a household where perfection was always the goal.

My parents raised us in the best way that they could and the only way they knew how. They did the best they could and I will forever be grateful for that. Part of growing up and becoming your own person is realizing the things you want to change and making the effort to do so.

After years of meditating on perfectionism and holding high, unhealthy expectations, I grew exhausted. I was completely burnt out and though my husband and I reached all of our goals within our 5 year plan, I just couldn’t shake the feeling of unhappiness. I would look around at everything I had but I wasn’t really seeing.

For this new year, I’ve decided to focus on the word fearless. I set a positive intention for the new year.

I told myself:  I will be fearless with my decisions and more confident about the things I like. I will fearlessly show compassion towards people that disagree with me. I will show compassion towards ALL living creatures, rich or poor, big or small, human or not.

And most of all, I will fearlessly show compassion to our way of living, especially if the house is a little messy. I will put aside constant criticism and let the house look a little lived in. I will embrace flaws.

 I know this may sound a little silly but I tend to let me feelings of perfection dictate my mood.This would happen especially when the house wasn’t at it’s best and I would fail at showing love and compassion towards my husband. I would forfeit any positive energy shared by our little family and  little mill home we’ve built together.

I grew up in a large home and had a wonderful childhood. It’s so incredibly frustrating when we feel the need to compare, thinking that we we currently have isn’t good enough. We find ourselves always wishing for more.

I’ve come to a place of pride and confident and no longer welcome those negative thoughts into my life. There’s no right or wrong way to build a home. A home isn’t dictated by how big it is. A large home doesn’t mean more success.

A home is the arms of your loved one, the smile on your child’s face, and the wagging of your pets tail.

Your heart is a home. Be proud of how far you’ve come. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop apologizing for a messy home. It’s beautiful, crazy, and perfectly imperfect…just like life. Enjoy every second of it.

This year, I fearlessly welcome imperfections with open arms.

Until next time,

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