5 foodie essentials

Transitioning into the vegan lifestyle can be hard and overwhelming. There are times when I feel out of ideas to cook, like I don’t have enough groceries, and that I got myself into something way more intense than I thought. But as soon as I see my silly little pup come running towards me after getting home from work – I’m reminded that it’s all for a purpose much greater than myself. Here’s a few things I keep in my fridgepantry that have helped make my vegan transition easier:

  1.  Coconut liquid aminos. A.k.a. pure magic! Coconut liquid aminos bring all the satisfaction of soy sauce but is less salty and gluten free. It’s rich in minerals and is low glycemic! I put this on top of rice, salads, potatoes, vegetable sautés, and more. It’s a really great way to add flavor to your dish without overdosing on sodium. 
  2. Raw cashews. Oh man, I cannot tell you how incredible raw cashews are. I make all my dips from them! My favorite dips to make include: onion dip, ranch, and sour cream. I recommend ordering your cashews in bulk from Amazon – it’s the cheapest way to do it by far. It’s really hard to mess up a dip using cashews. You can soak them overnight or flash-soak them with boiling water. I like to let them sit for at least 30 minutes when flash-soaking them. Blend a cup of cashews with a little apple cider vinegar, some salt, garlic, and onion powder and you’ll never miss sour cream again. 
  3. Liquid smoke. But seriously, using this stuff changed my life! It’s fantastic for vegans that love that umami (a category of taste in food (besides sweet, sour, salt, and bitter, also known as the fifth taste) taste to a meal! When we make homemade veggie burgers or anytime you cook with vegan meats (crumbles, chorizo) it gives it a real meat flavor! Trust me, if you haven’t tried liquid smoke, you will absolutely fall in love with it when you do. 
  4. Kombucha. I know…the thought of drinking fermented tea that tastes like vinegar can be gross but let me tell you, when you’re first eating a vegan diet you’re going to experience changes in your body. While your body is going through those changes, you can get super gassy! Kombucha never fails to relieve the gas aches and tummy issues you might experience during your transition. Keep in mind, the transition period is different for everybody, but as long as you keep experimenting with as little processed food as possible, you will learn what your body is able to easily digest. Also, there are tons of different kombuchas out there! They range from super vinegary to ultra light. They provide your body with natural probiotics so don’t just rid them off, try a bunch and find one you like! My favorite is the GT’s Gingerade (it reminds me of drinking ginger ale, but healthy!).
  5. Sesame seeds. This is another food we buy in bulk on Amazon! Blend a few cups of sesame seeds to make homemade tahini. Drizzle it on salads, potatoes, anything! And let’s not forget, tahini is the base ingredient for hummus. Dump a can of chick peas in a food processor and with tahini (and of course spices to taste) and you’ll never want store-bought hummus again.
I hope this helps! If you know of any other great vegan staples, please comment below! 
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