3 unexpectedly great veg options in Greenville

Hey there Hippies!

One of the things I love about Greenville is the foodie scene.

It doesn’t have a wide variety of vegan options, but I look at it as though it’s an incentive to save that going-out money for good quality cooking ingredients.

There are a few places I’d like to highlight that actually have great vegan options. I enjoy trying everything Greenville has to offer for vegans to help support the growth of cruelty-free options. (Though with Asheville only an hour away, we aren’t hurting too much for great vegan food: thank you Plant, Vortex Donuts, and more!)

Here’s a list of 3 awesome places that secretly have great vegan options:

  1. Willy Taco: Whenever I’m in the mood for some bomb chips and guac, Willy Taco is my go-to option. The first thing I tell the waiter (when going to any restaurant) is that I’m vegan. Most of the time I have to explain what that means, but with Willy Taco I don’t! They’re chefs are very well trained and know the ins and outs of different diets & lifestyles: Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, etc. The waitress told me that Vegans are able to order any taco they want and replace it with tofu or (non-breaded) avocado. Their breaded avo isn’t vegan and I am grateful that they let me know. You also want to make sure to reiterate that you don’t want any cheese, queso, or sour cream – just incase. They are super accommodating and happily pass no judgement. Bravo Willy Taco! P.S. They also have a great coconut cream cocktail. It’s an overall super cool atmosphere and a fun place to bring friends and family. I wish I had a picture, but trust me, the food is super yummy!
  2. Rosalinda’s: Uh… can I just say that Rosalinda’s broadcasts the fact that they offer vegan on their sign outside the restaurant! Any place that’s willing to display the words “vegan” is a great place in my book. The waitress at Rosalinda’s told me that I can pretty much order anything vegan. Obviously quesadillas would be pretty bland without (vegan) cheese which they don’t typically have, but I ordered a delicious burrito and it was out of this world. Great job Rosalinda’s! I’ve only been once but I can’t wait to go back! P.S. That’s not cheese in the photo, its a delicious sauce!
  3. Sidewall Pizza: I have to admit, I was a bit worried about going into Sidewall, but then my husband had a free birthday pizza coupon and the waitress was so awesome about letting us know the vegan options. They have two yummy sauces – one garlic based and one tomato based! Both vegan and delicious. We were able to add a ton of veggies and when I wanted more she brought me a little cup full and I was the happiest human. Plus their salads are incredible. The best part though? They have homemade coconut milk vegan ice cream. Yes. Homemade. Vegan. Ice cream. They offer two flavors -chocolate and vanilla and I have to say, both are wonderfully delicious. A+ for food. A+ for atmosphere. I highly recommend bringing friends and family here.
I hope this helps expand your vegan places-to-eat list here in the Upstate. Be on the look out for more Greenville vegan options!
Please let me know if you have any other awesome vegan restaurant options here in Greenville, I’d love to try them!

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