local: vegan soul food with Happy & Hale

Oh Hippies, do I have a gem for you!

The moment we found out that a Happy & Hale was coming to Greenville, the countdown was on. Mostly known for their deliciously unique smoothies and juices, Happy & Hale also offers a wide variety of healthy soul food. And by soul food, I literally mean food thats good for not only your soul but for your body.

So what kind of soul food? How about avocado toast. But not just any avo toast! This take on the plant-based classic not only includes the delicious green fruit (you read it right, avocado is a fruit!) but features super yummy capers and red pepper flakes. The salty combo of capers paired with the smooth texture of the avocados is simply divine. It also happens to be a vegan soul-food (or comfort food) favorite of mine!

There are several other vegan/vegetarian friendly options as well like the Incredibowl, featuring golden quinoa, dino kale, butternut squash, black beans, roasted beets, pumpkin seeds, avocado, mint, lemon tahini dressing, lime. It’s also gluten free!

Now let’s talk about smoothies. My oh my, they’ve outdone themselves. I’ve had the Pink Drink smoothie, made with the beautifully colored (and tasty!) dragon fruit. My friend had the City of Oats and thought it was delicious and packed with protein! “It’s perfect for a hot summer day because it’s smooth, light and refreshing.”

They also offer two kinds of kombucha – on tap! How cool is that?

Oh, and I haven’t gotten to the best part – Frozé. They have this amazing frozen rosé tub of goodness that’s makes a great asset to any meal. Forget happy hour, it’s frozé hour!

Happy & Hale is located right next to LuLu Lemon and across the street from Falls Park. If you’re looking for a quick, guilt-free lunch that packs in the taste, definitely give this place a try. You soul (and tummy) will you happy you did!

What’s your favorite thing to get at Happy & Hale? I’d love to know and can’t wait to go back!

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